Doodleoze review

Doodleoze Review

Doodleoze is the video editor for anyone looking for a way to add sophistication and charm to their videos in a simple manner.

This software allows you to create Doodle videos from a personal computer or desktop in the comfort of your home.

Created by Andrew Darius, Doodleoze provides all the tools required for anyone to create professional-looking videos with no extra effort or prior knowledge in no time.

Beginners, amateurs, and experts can use Doodleoze to gain the attention they want, whether it’s for sales, marketing, or personal purposes.

Engage with your customers or attract viewers and boost sales or views at a massive rate.

Use these tools along with your creativity to create the kind of videos you envision.

It provides many tutorial videos that will help you and guide you throughout your video-making process.

Currently, 35000+ businesses are using Doodleoze, using it to create a wide range of videos.

At only $29 a year, this software comes with an array of features at its’ disposal.


  • Over 245 text animations with various effects like – letter by letter text, kinetic text in, kinetic text out
  • Doodleoze provides a blackboard, green board, whiteboard, paper board, and a glass board to choose from
  • Doodleoze allows you to import text from anywhere. It also allows you to import your handwriting
  • 500 doodle sketch images to light up your creation
  • 30+ amazing fonts to choose from
  • It supports hundreds of video and audio formats
  • You can create unlimited videos, as there is no restriction on the count.
  • 100 full HD background videos
  • The design for SDI and HDMI for input and preview monitoring.
  • The Screen, webcam, and audio capture are possible.
  • Handles resolutions up to 4k and capture from SDI, HDMI, webcam, JACK & Pulse audio, IP stream, X11 screen, and Windows DirectShow devices.
  • Multiple panels, including specific media properties, are available. It also supports the drag-n-drop of assets from the file manager.


  • Doodleoze allows you to save time and spend the least effort in making the videos you want with no prior training.
  • It connects you to a big community of other video creators and offers you suggestions, inputs, and feedback from other creators.
  • Keep 100% of the profit earned from using Doodleoze! Doodleoze lets you keep all the profits to yourself.
  • No additional software required to create the professional-looking videos you want.
  • Easily downloadable from the website.
  • You can even use Doodleoze to create and sell to other businesses
  • No need to waste the dollars in your pocket on specialized video editing software


Doodleoze is the perfect tool for you to kickstart your dreams, whether it’s a start-up or simply a YouTube video. It’s safe to say that all you need is to choose your materials to get started immediately. Every business wants Doodleoze already to make their lives easier. Save time and have fun while doing with Doodleoze. Check the website to know of fascinating discounts and special prices. Doodleoze will be the next best thing on the market before you know it!

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