Thumbnail blaster review

Thumbnail Blaster

Click-through rate is the common word in the digital market. Nowadays, thumbnails are the first factor for the best impact on the content.

The thumbnail plays a significant role in the click-through rate as best as the thumbnail results in the best click-through rate.

Thumbnail creation is not an easy task, and also, it takes much time for making great high-quality thumbnails.

If you want the best thumbnail, you have to spend hundreds of dollars on freelancers. Also, it is a time-taking process.

For all these problems we have got a solution for you.

Thumbnail blaster is a new application that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to make the best, attention-grabbing, and stunning thumbnails.

The main attracting factor of this application is that you can create an attention-grabbing thumbnail very quickly in 3 steps.

Stoica et al. is the designer or creator of this application. He created this app in April 2019.

From newbie to expert, anyone can use this app easily and make their customizable and attractive thumbnails.

This software is provided with a 30 days money-back guarantee if you don’t find this product as a useful product for your tasks.

Features of thumbnail blaster:

You can read the features of the thumbnail blaster software application below.

  1. Drag and drop.

Like any other photo editor application, you can drag and drop the images/photos, resize the image, add text, can change fonts, colors, layouts, and also insert multiple elements to your thumbnail.

  1. Easy to use.

This application is effortless to use and gives you a chance to create attractive and attention-grabbing thumbnails without any prior experience.

  1. Beautiful design experience.

You need not pay thousands of dollars on the designing elements and images or stock photos.

You will find many best quality images in the application, which will keep on updating regularly.

  1. YouTube publishing.

You can publish your YouTube video with an attractive and good content thumbnail in one click.

  1. A library of templates.

You will get a library of over 100 attractive and attention-grabbing templates with this application package.

  1. Automatic content creation.

It gives you all the automation facilities to create your thumbnail for getting three times more views and traffic to your channels.

Benefits of thumbnail blaster:

The below points represent the benefits of thumbnail blaster software applications.

  • You can analyze the image before uploading it as the thumbnail of your YouTube video.
  • There is an option called “split test,” which will tell you which thumbnail is the best among any two thumbnails based on the statistics recorded.
  • You can implement as many automation features to reduce the work of creating the attractive thumbnail.
  • You can customize any template in a matter of seconds easily.
  • This application is more beneficial to email marketers, social media marketers, and many digital marketers.


I hope that you have got all the information regarding this software application, Thumbnail blaster.

The benefits and features of the Thumbnail master will make you get a brief idea about the application. Thank you for reading my review regarding Thumbnail blaster!


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